How a Drug Detox Rehab Visit Can Set You Up for Success...

How a Drug Detox Rehab Visit Can Set You Up for Success in Recovery


Many people believe that if they just make it through detox at home on their couch then this is just as good as spending big money at a drug detox rehab for their addiction recovery.  The fact is that rehab offers a lot of advantages over getting through withdrawal on your own couch.  Let’s take a closer look.

First of all, going to a drug rehab center gives you actual medical care when it comes to your detox process.  This may not seem very important to some people, but you have to realize that coming off of certain substances, or certain combinations of substances, can be quite dangerous.  For example, anyone who has taken large amounts of alcohol or Methadone for a long period of time could be at risk of dying during their withdrawal process, not to mention experiencing all sorts of potential complications, such as dehydration or seizures.  But coming off of either of those 2 substances alone could potentially be fatal for someone, so it is nothing to take lightly.

Second of all, realize that most people who are struggling with physical dependence on a drug are probably also addicted to it.  Now this might not be the case with you, but nearly everyone believes that they are special, or unique, or that they can just walk away from the drug after they get through the nasty withdrawal part of it, without any danger of relapse.  I work full time in a detox unit and I have seen several people who have spoke that way who end up coming back after getting detoxed.  These people were so confident that they did not need to go to residential treatment and that all they needed was to get detoxed, and they would be “good to go” after that.  Well, it turns out that they were not good to go after that, as they ended up coming back to the exact same treatment center for more treatment later on down the road.

The fact is that most people who end up going through detox actually need to learn how to live a clean and sober life without self medicating themselves.  Again, this is a partial assumption, but I base it on a mountain of evidence that shows that most people who seek out a drug detox end up needing addiction treatment, not just a physical detox.

So the main benefit that you can get from a visit to a rehab center is that you will hopefully be exposed to the residential treatment program that they have there.  If you have the opportunity, attend as many groups and lectures as you can while you are feeling decent during your detox stay, because the things that you learn in treatment could potentially prevent you from relapsing down the road.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you “know it all” and that you would not benefit from learning more about addiction recovery.

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Unbelievably, I met a returning drug addict today and he was appalled that they had not changed our program at all since he had last visited.  I wanted to grab him by the shoulders and say “Stop blaming things!  Look at yourself for once!  There were others that stayed here in the past, with you, and they are still sober!”  Of course I did not say those things, but I could not help but realize them in my mind.  We will do anything to dodge responsibility in recovery.

No, if you check into a detox center and your goal is just to get in and get out and get on with your life as quickly as possible, I think you have missed the point.  Slow down and try to learn something instead.


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