3 Basic Forms of Help for Drug Addiction

3 Basic Forms of Help for Drug Addiction


Getting help for drug addiction is pretty straightforward.  You have at least 3 popular options that can be used right off the bat, though these resources might not be available to everyone:

1) Drug rehab – go to a drug rehab center and get help there.  They will detox you, spin you through residential treatment, and introduce you to 12 step meetings in most cases.  This is the traditional method of addiction help that is going to be the best option for most addicts.  Unfortunately, it is rather expensive, so this option might not be available to everyone.  Depending on your situation, your stay in rehab may be covered, so it pays to call a local treatment and see what your funding options are.  Call them up and talk to them.  They will try to help you get into treatment.

2) Counseling – you could go see a counselor or a therapist in an attempt to stop using drugs.  Some people have a lot of success with this strategy, and do just fine with it.  Many people are drawn to this idea that are nervous about groups or that have anxiety with speaking in front of other people (and thus wish to avoid group therapy).  Really, those who are abusing drugs or alcohol will do better with counseling than those who are actually addicted. In other words, if you have a serious drug addiction, then you will probably need more help than what counseling alone can provide.

3) Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous – There are a few advantages to going this route and the first one is the cost.  It is essentially free to attend meetings, even if you go every single day for an entire year, you could easily do so without paying a single dime (though they do take donations in order to stay open).  The other major benefit is that you can get involved with the fellowship and the recovery community in the meetings.  For some people, this is enough to keep them clean and sober, even without any additional help from rehabs or psychological professionals.

Regardless of which route you choose to go in getting drug addiction help, the main thing is that you find a path in recovery that works for you.  It is your responsibility to find your path to success and to find a means to stay clean and sober in recovery.  If your current path is not making this easy for you, then change it!  Do something else.  Try another recovery strategy.

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