The Process of Getting Help for Drug Abuse

The Process of Getting Help for Drug Abuse


Help for drug abuse can come in a couple of different forms.  For example, a person who is struggling with drug abuse may seek out counseling or therapy in order to help them with their problem.  In some cases, this is all the treatment that a drug abuser needs in order to straighten out their life.  The same may be true of alcohol abuse.  Many times, counseling alone is sufficient to help a person with their problem.

But there are cases, too, where a person cannot make any lasting changes based on counseling or therapy, and they need more help than what is provided by those services.  In this case they might need to check into a drug rehab or a treatment center in order to get a higher level of help.  People who are nervous about going to treatment might want drug rehab information in order to help them with their decision.

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Many addicts are terrified of asking for help and actually taking action to rectify their drug problem.  There are several reasons for this.  For one thing, drug abuse and addiction are all they have ever known in terms of coping skills, and they have likely long forgotten how to deal with real life without self medicating.  Two, they are afraid to face reality without being drunk or high.  Three, they are afraid of change in general and are nervous about getting clean.  Four, they are probably dreading a life lived clean and sober, and imagine that they will not have any fun without drugs or alcohol.  The truth is that they stopped having fun with their drug of choice a long time ago, even though they cling to the good times and the memories of those good times as part of their denial.  In fact, they no longer have fun getting high, and could stand to gain a whole lot more fun if they were clean and sober.

And finally, addicts are afraid to ask for help and get clean because they know they will have to face themselves.  This is perhaps the core of the issue and the hardest step of all: can an addict get clean and sober and live with themselves?  This is what the therapy involved with 12 step programs seeks to address.  Through a process of exploration and self discovery, the addict has to get to a point where they have real humility in their life, and still value themselves and build up real self esteem.  This is the process of recovery.

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In order to achieve this recovery process, it is helpful to:

* Face your denial and accept that you need change and real help in your life.  Make an actual decision to turn things around for good this time, rather than just making a modest effort to improve your situation incrementally.

* Take real action by asking for help and then following direction.  If you ask trusted figures what to do and then follow through with it, your life will get better just about instantaneously.

* Seek professional services, such as inpatient rehab.  Pay attention and do what they suggest at such places and your life will improve.

Recovery is a long slow process.  Don’t rush it and be prepared for a long growth process.  The end results are certainly worth it, but you have to give yourself time to “get there.”


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