Getting Help from a Detox Drug Rehab for Your Addiction

Getting Help from a Detox Drug Rehab for Your Addiction


What is the best avenue for getting help from a detox drug rehab for your addiction or alcoholism?

I would suggest the following:

* Get on the phone with local addiction detox centers and ask them what you need to do in order to come in to get help.  Call up several local rehabs, take notes, talk to all of them, and ask lots of questions.  Make sure you tell them if you have private insurance or Medicaid or Medicare.  See what your options are and what it would cost, how long it would be, and so on.

* From there, choose the option that can get you in the quickest, as the difference in quality and recovery strategies will be minimal.  Every rehab will try to say that they offer the finest care and the best quality and so on, but do not buy into all of that stuff.  You want help and you want it now, and any place that has a full medical detox is going to be similar to all the others.  Remember that there are no magic bullets when it comes to getting clean and sober.

* Check into the rehab and keep an open mind about things.  If you are fighting and struggling and trying to manipulate things then you might as well just give up now.  No, you have to be humble and truly ready to surrender fully when you get to treatment.  If you have plans or any sort of agenda when checking in then you are probably going to be too preoccupied to make recovery work for you.

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* You will probably be assigned a therapist when you get done with the detox portion of your treatment.  Be honest with the therapist and listen to whatever suggestions they have for you.  If they recommend aftercare, try to follow up with that as best you can.  Immerse yourself fully in your recovery and participate to the best of your ability.

* While in detox, sleep as much as you can, eat as healthy as you can, and simply allow yourself to heal.  Forgive yourself for whatever guilt and shame you may be hanging onto.  Let it all go.  Just get well.

* Near the end of your stay in rehab, start getting a plan for what you are going to do in order to stay clean and sober after you leave.  Insist that your therapist help you with this.  If they offer long term treatment, look into that as an option.  Do not automatically assume that you cannot commit to long term.  Some addicts leave residential rehab or detox and then relapse and die immediately.  Living in long term drug rehab is not as bad as death.  Don’t just blurt out “I can’t go to long term rehab.”  Do the math.

* In order to get the best help you can from rehab, take their suggestions and follow through on them.  If they recommend 90 meetings in 90 days, then do that.  If they recommend outpatient or counseling or continued therapy, then follow through on that.  This is not some ploy to make money from patients.  There is no shortage of addicts in the world.  They are actually trying to help you by getting you to the appropriate resources.  Take advantage of this and do the best you can to follow their suggestions.

* You may become “buddy-buddy” with your peers in rehab, but do not bet that they will be clean, sober, and supportive of you in a year from now, or even a month from now.  Chances are good that they will relapse.  Plan accordingly.  Hit outside meetings and form stronger contacts there.

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