Finding a Free Drug Rehab

Finding a Free Drug Rehab


I have explored whether or not there is such a thing as a free drug rehab before. But how do you go about actually finding one?

Well the problem is not so much in finding a free rehab, but more in determining if you qualify for certain types of funding. For example, if you are on Medicaid, then you might be able to attend a rehab for free. Certain treatment centers may or may not accept Medicaid, so your task at this point is merely to call around to various treatment centers and see who will accept you.

Now if you do not have Medicaid but you still need to go to rehab for free, then you might try another approach. The idea with this is to find a long term treatment center that is set up differently than traditional rehabs and is more of a transitional housing setup. In this case you will need to find out in advance how the long term rehab is funded, and whether or not you could live there for “free.” Most places like this will simply take a percentage of your gross earnings as rent if you happen to work.

Now the trick is, how can you get into such a place? Well in most cases you will have to do 2 things: one, you have to apply to live there. You will generally just have to fill out an application and then be on a waiting list of some sort. And second of all, you will probably have to be fully detoxed upon entering the facility. This means that you have to be totally clean and sober and all dried out before you can enter treatment there. Long term, transitional housing is different from detox and short term rehab in this way. Many people will come straight from a short term facility to stay at a place like this, but if you are truly looking for the free route, then this will not be an option. You will need to get clean and sober on your own before entering the long term housing.

If you apply to such a free rehab and they tell you that they are full, ask them what you can do to get accepted in the future. Generally they will want to see a continuous interest from you so that they know you are still interested when openings become available. If this is the case then you would do well to stay in close contact with them while you are waiting for an opening.

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