If you Achieve Recovery then What of Your Drug Treatment Cost?

If you Achieve Recovery then What of Your Drug Treatment Cost?


How much does drug treatment cost?  Generally it is pretty expensive and if you are paying cash for treatment then you can expect to pay upwards of around 500 dollars per day for drug treatment in the U.S.  Now that is a ballpark figure and in fact some rehabs will cost less, but for the most part it is going to be several hundred per day.  Think about the cost of staying in the hospital and why there are so many expenses involved.  There is a lot of overhead and it costs money just to keep the place running and staffed.  Drug treatment is much the same way and the cost of health care in general is going up and up lately.

Now some recovering drug addicts and alcoholics will have Medicaid and if this is the case then they can generally hunt around and find a drug treatment center that accepts that as payment.  Others will have private insurance that they get from their job, and in this case it probably pays to call around and find a rehab that will accept that insurance before you commit to going there.  Now of course there is the possibility that there will be a very hefty copay and in some cases this will be prohibitively high for some people.  Unfortunately, drug addicts and alcoholics do not generally have a lot of money.

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When you think about the high cost of drug treatment you also have to consider the payoff for successful recovery.  What do you get if you go to rehab and you manage to stay clean and sober for a few years?  In this case the cost of treatment is justified, no matter how high it was.  Anyone who maintains sobriety for a few years or more can look back and see that the price that they paid for treatment was a mere drop in the bucket compared to what they have saved over the years by staying clean and sober.  There is no price on sobriety that is too high, actually.  The value of staying clean is nearly infinite, and anyone who actually sits down and calculates the amount of money that they wasted in active addiction will be shocked to see just how much they can save by being sober for a year or two.  The results of these calculations are staggering and if you want to help justify the cost of drug rehab to yourself then you should sit down and figure out what your addiction is really costing you.

Just imagine your savings after getting clean and sober in:

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1) Dollars – you will save millions of dollars (literally!) over a lifetime, and tends of thousands of dollars per year if you completely recover from your drug of choice.  This is based on much more than simply what the drug costs you, but also in all of the associated side effects that cost money: getting sick from work, taking a lower paying position, etc.

2) Emotional cost – your life will be so much more peaceful in recovery, without the chaos of addiction.

3) Time – how much time do you spend obsessing over your drug of choice, and actually using it?  Add it all up, and you will be amazed at how much your “investment” is costing you.

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