Drug Rehabilitation Treatment is All About Change

Drug Rehabilitation Treatment is All About Change


The essence of drug rehabilitation treatment is change.  The addict must change everything in their life, starting with complete and total abstinence.  There are some programs out there that attempt to teach control and moderation, but I don’t really count those as being treatments for true drug addicts.  The definition of a drug addict is someone who cannot moderate.  Anyone who can moderate merely has a drug problem, and our hats are off to them if they can learn to control it.  Good for them!  Drug addicts can not moderate their drug intake, thus their label of addiction.

So how does a drug rehab treatment center inspire change in the addict?  Most of them start by encouraging the person to attend groups, lectures, and therapy to start learning more about addiction and recovery.  They will usually have the addict continue with some form of treatment after they leave rehab, and they will also encourage the person to attend 12 step meetings on the outside.  There are some variations on this, of course, but this is the average of what you will find out there.  There is nothing really new in substance abuse therapy lately.  Group therapy, peer support, individual counseling sessions, 12 step meetings–these are the tools that we have to work with.  People who dive in and take real action with these resources will tend to do well in recovery.  Those who skim the surface and try to do the bare minimum will end up relapsing.  That’s just how it is.

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Deep down, when a person makes the decision that they want to change their life, it must be preceded by true surrender.  They have to really give up the struggle to control their drug use.  They have to give up the struggle that they might solve their own drug problem.  They need to ask for help.  If they are not at this point of desperation, then it is likely that they are not really ready to stop using drugs.

On the other hand, if they are at the point of real surrender, then any type of drug rehabilitation treatments will probably work great for them.  There is no need to find just the perfect form of rehab if they are at this point.  Anything will work.  That is because there is no magic cure for addiction.  The secret is in the surrender.  That is where the conviction and the hard work comes into play.  Find an abstinence based program and run with it.  It will work just fine.

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