Can Your Drug Rehabilitation Facility Inspire Massive Action in People?

Can Your Drug Rehabilitation Facility Inspire Massive Action in People?


What is the best drug rehabilitation facility that produces the best results with struggling drug addicts and alcoholics?  Is there such a place that can produce better results than other drug rehab facilities?  If so, does it cost a lot more?

All fair questions, and even the most experienced professional in the field of substance abuse can fall victim to thinking that superior resources can produce better results.  But the truth is that just about any rehab facility is going to produce similar results with the same person.  In other words, if someone is still in denial and has not fully surrendered to their addiction, then they are going to have problems after leaving rehab, no matter what kind of magical program the facility claims to have, or how much money it costs to go there.  These details are simply not relevant to the eventual success of the addict.

What does matter?  Conviction.  Surrender.  Action.  Willingness. If the addict is truly done using drugs and alcohol, and they want to change their life….really want to change on a deep level, then this is what matters in predicting success.  Many drug addicts and alcoholics want to change, and they wish things were different.  This is not the same thing as really being ready to change and surrendering on a deep level.  Nearly every addict wishes that things were different.  This does not change much though.  In fact, your wishes change nothing.  They make no difference.  All that matters in recovery is action.  What are you willing to do?  What are you willing to take action on in your life?  This is what produces results in recovery.

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So the best rehab facilities screen out those who are not willing to take massive action.  By doing so, they allow themselves to only work with those addicts who are really ready for change in their life.  You can produce much better success rates if you screen out the majority of the non-serious beforehand.

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Second of all, drug rehabilitation facilities can do well by pushing people in their program to take lots of action.  Discourage wishful thinking and encourage real action.  What defines real action in recovery?  Stuff that goes beyond thinking about recovery.  Things like working with other addicts in recovery, or actively working through the 12 steps with a sponsor.  These are the kinds of actions that can produce real results in recovery.  Good rehabs encourage continuous growth and continuous action.

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