Successful Criteria for Drug Rehabilitation Clinics

Successful Criteria for Drug Rehabilitation Clinics


The key for drug rehabilitation clinics to get good results with their clients is a two fold process:  One, they must inspire the newly recovering addict to take massive action in recovery, and two, they must guide them towards a life of holistic growth.  These two goals do not always align very well in early recovery, so this can be a very tricky thing to do for a rehab clinic.

What is massive action in early recovery?  It is the solution for success in early treatment.  In fact, it is the only thing that will really work at this early stage of the recovery game.  If an addict is lazy and does not put in the work, then they are doomed to relapse.  It is inevitable.  This is because relapse is their natural state.  To use drugs and to self medicate with drugs is normal for them.  It is easy and natural to do.  Recovery is hard.  It is change.  It requires massive action and massive effort.  So this is the key to staying clean in the first few months of recovery.  You have to put forth a monumental effort in order to make it through early recovery.

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Now what about staying clean and sober in the long run?  This is the real challenge that  rehab clinic has to face with their clients.  For example, at a heroin rehab clinic, it is not enough to merely push them through detox and get them to an NA meeting.  If that actually worked then the success rates would be a lot higher.  No, what is required is a huge effort above and beyond this by the heroin addict themselves.  The key is in long term, sustained, holistic growth and personal development.  Sounds like a bunch of crap, right?  It’s not.  If the addict gets lazy, even while attending 12 step meetings every day, they will eventually relapse.  You have to push yourself beyond this level of complacency and seek real growth in recovery if you want to stay clean in the long run.

Most addicts who go to a drug rehab clinic actually find it easy to stay clean for a few weeks or even a few months.  But to stay clean in the long run requires real effort on the part of the addict.  This is the “secret sauce” that the treatment center industry would love to be able to replace, but the effort must come from the individual.  There are no shortcuts to success in recovery.

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Addicts who achieve success in early recovery typically:

* Follow through with their treatment plans and have a successful discharge from rehab.

* Make connections with their peer group in recovery such that they have additional support on the outside.

* Are fully surrendered to their addiction and are no longer struggling to try to game the system in any way.

Addicts who are successful in maintaining their recovery are those that typically:

* Attend meetings on a regular basis.

* Get a sponsor and follow through with step work and such.

* Take lots of positive action in their lives.

* Push themselves to keep making personal growth.

If you want success in recovery then you have to push a bit for it.  A good clinic will provide you with the framework to be able to make these sorts of changes in your life.

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