Proper Attitudes and Mindsets for Effective Drug Rehab Treatment

Proper Attitudes and Mindsets for Effective Drug Rehab Treatment


The key to doing well in drug rehab treatment is to go into it with an open mind.  If you are trying to find ways to manipulate the situation or you are worried about how long you will be staying or where you are going or things like that, then you are not in the right mindset to do well in drug rehab.

The most effective mindset for drug treatment comes from a standpoint of surrender. Not many people have truly done this when they walk into a treatment center.  Instead, they are still holding on to some form of denial.  They have some tiny reservation about quitting drugs and alcohol that is holding them back from really making the best of their stay in rehab.  Many times, people will sabotage themselves in this way without even realizing it.  They think they want to be clean and sober, but really they have not made a proper decision to do so.  They are still holding on to their old life.  They still want to have fun with drugs and alcohol.

The proper mindset for drug rehab treatment is to let go of all that stuff and surrender completely.  Throw up your hands and agree to do whatever is asked of you in rehab.  How else could you possibly succeed in recovery?  What you have been doing is not working out, so it is time to follow some direction.

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Now this mindset is critical for early recovery, but there is no need for it to continue into long term sobriety.  You will eventually transition into a second phase of recovery where you are no longer struggling to stay clean each day, but rather you are “living recovery.”  Most treatment centers do not devote much time on teaching you about this transitional phase, because it does not occur while you are in short term rehab.  It happens much later after you have taken a massive amount of action in early recovery and laid down a solid foundation of clean time.

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After you have “graduated” from drug rehab, eventually you will want to transition into long term, holistic growth.  This is the balance and harmony that is promised in many different programs.  You can achieve this if you keep pushing yourself to grow in new ways.  Rather than gaining acceptance in all areas of your life, you can continue to challenge your own shortcomings and weaknesses, and push yourself to grow further.  This is the path to long term success in recovery.

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