2 Kinds of Drug Rehab Help

2 Kinds of Drug Rehab Help

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Addicts and alcoholics will often need drug rehab help in order to overcome their struggle with addiction and start a new life for themselves.  The reason that this is the case is because addiction is such a powerful force, and it is very difficult to break out of the cycle without outside help.  In fact, addiction is really defined by the fact that the person cannot solve their drug or alcohol abuse problem on their own.  If they could, then their condition would likely be labeled as “abuse” rather than full blown addiction.  The need for help is what defines the condition, in a way.

So what kind of help is available at drug rehab?  Many people are afraid to attend a treatment center because they do not know what to expect.  Here is a quick breakdown of what you will go through at a private drug rehab:

1) Detoxification – pretty much any rehab will have a detox unit that is going to be similar no matter where you attend.  They will have nurses and a bed for you.  Most of them will have a smoking room where you can smoke cigarettes.  They feed you and give you medicine to help with the physical aspects of withdrawal.  They try to medicate your symptoms without getting you high or having you become dependent on any medicine.  This is a very standard, typical approach and you will not find much deviation from this.  Most people are in detox for a few days, maybe up to a week at the most.

Some people try to imagine that detox is a horrible process or that they will be miserable.  Don’t buy into that scare tactic.  Detox is a breeze for 99 percent of clients.  Nothing could be easier in most cases.

2) Residential – here is where you go to groups, meetings, lectures, talk with counselors, and so on.  This is the “educational” part of rehab.  They are trying to teach you how to live a clean and sober life.

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Many people get scared of treatment or rehab and believe that they will be forced to be in groups, forced to share their stories, and basically exposed or otherwise pressured into being uncomfortable.  This is largely exaggerated in the mind of the addict, because in the vast majority of drug rehabs, there is no such pressure for anyone to be put on the spot.  It is a very laid back and easy going atmosphere.   So do not use this fear as your excuse to stay out of rehab.

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