Are Drug Rehab Facilities a Secret Shortcut to Recovery?

Are Drug Rehab Facilities a Secret Shortcut to Recovery?


The key to being successful at drug rehab facilities is to take advantage of everything they offer and follow their suggestions for aftercare.  Most people believe that simply taking a break by checking into rehab is enough to change their life.  It’s not.  In order to do well following rehab, you have to actually apply what they teach you.  You have to take action.

This can be a bit confusing because most people fall into the belief that the drug rehab facility can sort of “do the work for them.”  Most addicts are a complete mess when they check into rehab and so there is a bit of an expectation that the rehab can “fix” people.  In fact, a rehab cannot fix anyone, no matter what strategies they employ.  The addict must ultimately fix themselves.  All the rehab can do is get them started on the right path.

The same is true when you examine specific treatment programs.  Can a 12 step program help someone to stay clean and sober?  Yes and no.  Ultimately, it is up to the individual. Simply forcing them into a program–any program–is not going to produce results.  The determining factor always rests with the individual.

These ideas point to a central concept of recovery: it is ultimately about personal responsibility. The addict must choose recovery for themselves.  They must be motivated to pursue recovery for their own self, or they are not going to stay clean and sober.

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Any drug rehab will take a new client in and do their best with them.  But the final outcome is not going to be determined by the treatment methods of the rehab.  It is not up to the counselors who work their.  It is not about the quality of the facility or the methods that they employ to encourage recovery.  These are mere props.

In fact, the actual path in recovery that they addict chooses in pursuing sobriety is pretty much meaningless as well.  As long as it is positive action, they will stay clean and sober if they are taking action.  This is a key point that so many people miss in early recovery.  It is all about action.

Many recovering addicts are quite intellectual and we can easily fool ourselves into thinking that merely thinking about recovery will somehow allow us to recover.  The reality of the situation is that we can only recover by taking real action in our lives.  And this can most easily start to drug rehab.

Rehab is not your salvation in recovery.  But it is a strong starting point.

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