Drug Rehab Cost and Different Methods of Payment

Drug Rehab Cost and Different Methods of Payment


One of the biggest barriers to addicts and alcoholics who are seeking help for their addiction is drug rehab cost.  Of course treatment services are not free and even if someone does receive services without any out of pocket expense, there is still a cost involved and someone ultimately pays that cost. It is not always easy to know how to afford rehab.  Let’s take a look at some of the different options that exist when it comes to paying for drug rehab services.

First of all, anyone can walk into pretty much any drug rehab on the face of the earth and pay cash. This should go without saying.  And every drug rehab would love to get as many customers as possible who pay for their treatment in this fashion.  It is nice and tidy and profitable from an accounting standpoint.  Most rehabs net more money when a client pays cash than if they have some other sort of funding.  In fact, a treatment center will usually take in less money if the client has insurance pay for the treatment rather than cash.  This is just part of game, apparently.  Cash is king.

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Some people have Medicaid or Medicare, and this can sometimes cover the cost of drug rehab. Of course, not all rehabs will necessarily accept Medicaid clients, and others may not be able to accept Medicare, especially if the person needs detox services.  For some reason, Medicare seems to only cover detox treatment services in a hospital based facility, rather than in free standing facilities, but there might be additional details involved that could change this in certain situations.

In the end, regardless of what it costs, rehab is almost always a bargain if the person can manage to stay clean and sober. This is because the cost of continuing to use drugs and alcohol is so incredibly high, especially in the long run.  There are all sorts of hidden costs to addiction that add up in a big way over the long haul.  For example, medical costs and legal fees take their tole on an alcoholic who continues to drink and abuse alcohol for years and years.  It is not just the price of the substance itself, but the associated costs that can make addiction so expensive.  In fact, most addicts and alcoholics who have been using for several years estimate that they have spent over a hundred thousand dollars on their addiction, when they really sit down and tally everything up.  It is a shocking exercise to do, especially if you are intimidated by the cost of treatment.

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