Should You Attend a Drug Rehab Clinic for Your Drug Problem?

Should You Attend a Drug Rehab Clinic for Your Drug Problem?


Attending a drug rehab clinic is not an easy thing to do for many struggling addicts and alcoholics.  The problem is that most addicts have feelings of shame and guilt attached to their drug use, and they may feel like they are a weak person if they have to ask for help in order to overcome their addiction.  Many addicts feel sort of “macho” in that they should be able to handle a problem like addiction on their own.  Thus, many addicts stay stuck in the cycle of addiction for years and years before they are finally broken down to the point of accepting some help for their condition.

Drug rehab clinics can offer help to these types of people, but only after they have fully surrendered to their disease and agreed to ask for this help.  Sometimes an addict will agree to go into drug rehab but they will still hang onto the idea of control, or that they might be able to control their drug use in the future.  It is this idea of control that needs to be dropped if the addict is ever going to be successful in staying clean and sober.

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Most clinics consist of a medical detox program combined with residential treatment.  This means that the addicts or alcoholics would stay overnight, probably for a few weeks, in order to get treatment for their addiction.  Other clinics may have a different approach to recovery, for example, a methadone clinic simply dispenses medication to try and prevent opiate addicts from returning to street drugs.  But the vast majority of clinics are inpatient drug rehabs that are based on total abstinence–that is, they try to get the addict to live a clean and sober life without any mood or mind altering drugs.

Most rehab clinics for drug and alcohol addiction are 12 step based.  This means that they rely on the 12 step program in order to provide their clients with a total recovery program and also for a social support structure.  It is sort of an easy way out for a rehab to rely on AA and NA, because those fellowships are free and widely available all over the world.  Sending recovering newcomers to those programs makes sense because there is a tremendous amount of support to be had in the meetings.

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There are other paths to recovery but this is the traditional one.  Many people who go through a rehab clinic do not stay clean and sober forever, but there are some success stories out there nonetheless.  There is hope for a better life and many addicts do find real recovery by asking for help.

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