How Do I Choose From Different Drug Recovery Centers?

How Do I Choose From Different Drug Recovery Centers?


A drug addict could go to a number of different drug recovery centers in order to get help for their problem with addiction.  What is the right drug recovery center for them to choose, and where should they go?  For example, a struggling addict might consider different things when looking at drug treatment centers, such as:

1) Price of the addiction treatment.

2) Type of treatment (short term, long term, outpatient, etc.).

3) Length of stay.

4) Treatment philosophy (12 step based, religious based, etc.).

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And so on.  There are all sorts of different variables involved with selecting a drug rehab center, right?  You could consider so many different options, and have a tough time narrowing it down.

My advice: don’t do this.  Don’t bother.  It is a waste of time.

Why do I say this?  Because your success in early recovery has absolutely nothing to do with any of these variables.  Now I am sure people out there are going to challenge that statement, so let’s break it down.

None of the differences between treatment centers are going to matter in terms of early recovery. If you can afford rehab, then any recovery center will produce similar short term results.

First of all, we are talking only about early recovery here. If you are examining the success rates of long term sobriety from various treatment centers, then you may actually find some small variances.  These will be minor though and are completely overshadowed by the problem of getting through short term recovery.  Most addicts who leave rehab do not stay clean and sober past the one year mark.  As such, that should be the main focus at first: staying clean and sober and maintaining abstinence for the first year.  Why worry about long term success if something like 95 percent do not make it through the first year?

Second of all, there is no magic wand for keeping people clean and sober. Just because one treatment center costs more money does not mean that they have a magic wand.  They simply have nicer accommodations or they might even have more therapists or more resources.  The fact is that this does not change short term success rates.  It is still all up to the individual as to whether or not they stay clean and sober.  It is still all about surrender and whether or not they have the willingness to do what it takes.

Any treatment method, or recovery philosophy will work equally well, but only if the individual truly surrenders to it and dedicates their entire life to sobriety.  Anything less than this will produce relapse and failure.

There is no magic wand.  It is all about surrender and willingness.

Just pick one, and go.

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