5 Common Ways that Drug Misuse Can Occur

5 Common Ways that Drug Misuse Can Occur


The fact is that drug misuse can quickly turn into addiction if the person is not careful.  Any time you have someone who is basically abusing a drug then you have a situation where addiction becomes more and more likely to occur.  Misusing a drug pretty much always constitutes abuse.

This can happen in a number of different ways, with a number of different drugs.  For example, drug abuse or misuse may include:

1) Someone who has a prescription for pain or anxiety medication, and they take a different amount than what is prescribed by their doctor.  For example, taking 2 pills instead of just 1 or taking twice the daily amount in a single day.

2) Someone who does not have a prescription for a drug at all, but is using it anyway, bought off the street or received from a friend or a family member.

3) Someone who is not old enough to use the drug alcohol, but is using it anyway.

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4) Someone who is combining the use of different drugs when they should not be, such as drinking alcohol while taking prescription medications in spite of a warning label regarding this.

5) People who are taking drugs and engaging in activities that are not advisable, such as someone who takes heavy medication and then is driving a car, again…against the warning labels.

And the list goes on, as there are many more examples of how a person might be misusing drugs or alcohol in some fashion (alcohol is a drug, remember).

If you or someone you know is misusing a drug in any way, then it might be advisable for you to stop as soon as possible, in order to avoid future addiction.  Drug addiction is almost always preceded by drug abuse and misuse, so if you want to avoid full blown addiction, then it makes sense to stop abusing drugs.  This will insure that you do not develop major problems down the road.

For those who have no interest in changing their habits, or find that they cannot stop using drugs in spite of these warning signs, they may already be entering the first stage of addiction.  In this case, the best bet is for the person to ask for help and possibly get some treatment or rehab of some sort.  Attending drug rehab is usually the best strategy for a struggling drug user who does not know where else to turn to.



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