What are Your Options for Drug Detox Programs?

What are Your Options for Drug Detox Programs?


What are some drug detox programs that can help addicts recover?  There are a couple of different options depending on your exact situation.

One thing that will pretty much work for everyone and anyone is to simply go to drug rehab.  Call up a local treatment center that is located near you and ask them some questions.  Try to get in to their program and find out what you have to do to get in as far as funding is concerned.  In some cases insurance or Medicaid might cover it.  In other cases you might have to pay cash or there might be some government money available to help pay for it.  At any rate, you will not know for sure unless you get on the phone and talk with them and try to get it set up.  Regardless of how you pay for drug detox, it is generally worth it if you can manage to stay clean and sober for any decent length of time.  If you stay clean for a year or more than the cost of the program will more than pay for itself, because the average drug addict spends hundreds or even thousands per month on their addiction.  So the bottom line is, get yourself to a detox program regardless of the cost.  It is worth it in the long run.

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Now most drug rehabs will simply put you in detox for a few days, generally about 3 to 5 days depending on the drug you are on and the quantities you have been taking.  They will also give you medication to help control your detox symptoms and help to keep you somewhat comfortable.  Generally, after you are detoxed you will switch over to a residential treatment program and start attending groups and lectures that are designed to teach you how to live clean and sober.

Are there other ways to detox from drugs?  Yes there are but none of them are quite as good as being in a drug rehab unit.  For example, your doctor might be able to help you detox at home by instructing you on how to go about doing so and possibly prescribing you with certain medications to help you through the withdrawal.  This is a bit rare though because it is usually pretty dangerous to do things this way.  Keep in mind that some drugs are more dangerous to detox from than others.  Opiates and heroin are actually very safe to detox from (with the exception of methadone), while alcohol and some other types of medications can be quite risky in some cases.  Therefore, doctors will be hesitant to help you in this way and will generally recommend a detox program instead.

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If you are still on the fence about seeking help then consider the fact that:

1) You can totally change your life with the help of rehab and get back on track within just a few short weeks.

2) Life becomes fun and interesting again once the drugs and alcohol wear off.

3) Life becomes meaningful and exciting again once you discover passion in your life of recovery.

These things do take time though, so you have to give yourself a chance to make it through the early stages of recovery first.

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