The Addicts Pattern with Drug Detox Centers

The Addicts Pattern with Drug Detox Centers


If you are struggling with addiction then you would do well in most cases to check into a drug detox center.  The only time that this is a poor choice if you are clearly dead set against stopping your drug and alcohol use.  Obviously you will not get good results if you do not want to stop using, and treatment is fairly expensive.  Therefore it makes sense to go to detox only when you truly have a desire to stop using.

Many addicts do not really want to stop using and so they go in and out of rehabs for their whole life without ever making a decision to actually stop the cycle.  They are trapped in that they always go back to their drug of choice because they never fully surrender to the fact that they have an addiction.

Now given enough time, every addict will come to a point where they do not want to continue on with their messed up life.  They may not really want to give up the drugs either, but at the same time, they have become really sick and tired of the roller coaster they have been on.  This is a classic point of surrender and this is your cue to step off the roller coaster and into recovery.  You may still have some small urge to self medicate and that is perfectly normal.  As long as you are beat up from addiction and tired of the grind then you are a prime candidate for sobriety.

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Going in to drug detox somewhere can be a scary step but there is no reason to be nervous about it.  The people there at the facility are going to welcome you and treat you with respect.  It is very rare for a staff person in a treatment center to treat a client with disrespect.  Most staff members have been there in the same place you are at now, in fact, so they know what you are going through.

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Because treatment is fairly expensive you will want to make sure that you give yourself every opportunity with which to stay clean and sober.  Many addicts are in and out of rehab facilities for a long time and never get clean and sober.  Obviously you want to avoid this pattern as it is expensive and detrimental to your long term health.  Therefore, your primary goal should be to follow through with any and all suggestions made to you at the drug rehab facility so that you give yourself a good chance of success.

Staying clean and sober is all about action.  If you are motivated to follow through with everything that they tell you to do, and you do it with enthusiasm, then you are going to stay clean and sober.  If you get lazy or fall short of this ideal, then you will probably relapse shortly after leaving the detox center.


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