How a Drug Detox Center Can Benefit Addicts in Recovery

How a Drug Detox Center Can Benefit Addicts in Recovery


Anyone who wants to get off of drugs and alcohol should consider going to a drug detox center.  Treatment works for a lot of people but it is by no means a magic bullet.  If you want to change your life, then going to drug rehab is a good way to start doing this.  Here are some of the advantages to going to detox:

1) Disruption – it is hard to get clean and sober, because it is hard to break out of the cycle of addiction on our own.  Certainly if you are in your normal routine, going to all of the same places, and seeing all of the same people, then it can be nearly impossible to make a significant change in your life and actually get clean and sober.  Going to detox is sort of like a vacation.  It may sound like a nightmare but most people will find that it is actually a much welcome break away from the rat race of their life for a moment.  It allows you to step off the carousel for a moment and regroup.  It is very difficult to break an addiction without this level of disruption in your life.

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2) Medically supervised – most will underestimate the importance of this, because they believe that anyone can just detox at home if it happens to turn out that way.  This is not always the case and in fact some people can get very sick or even die from detox if they do not handle it properly.  Having it be a medical thing means that people are going to treat the withdrawal symptoms with medication so that you do not get too sick during the detox.

3) Support – One of the biggest things that you get from going to a drug detox center is that you get a ton of support from others.  Everyone you meet there has some interest in seeing you stay clean and sober.  There are nurses, therapists, counselors, people from the 12 step fellowships, your peers in recovery who you meet there in detox, and so on.  We help each other in order to stay clean and this is especially true in early recovery when we are more dependent on networking for our sobriety.  If you go to rehab but do not take advantage of these support systems then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

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4) Learning – if you go to rehab and you actually pay attention, then chances are good that you will learn what you need to know in order to move forward in your recovery and stay clean.  All of early recovery is a learning process, and if you stop learning then you are headed for relapse.  Therefore the key is to “always be eager to learn something new in your recovery.”  Treatment helps you to do this every single day.

You don’t have to get clean and sober at a detox center, but doing so provides these advantages and probably more.  If you have failed to stay clean in the past, then you might try something different by going to rehab and giving it a chance to work in your life.  Good luck.

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