Tips for Doing a Drug Detox at Home

Tips for Doing a Drug Detox at Home


Is it possible to do a drug detox at home?  Yes it is but you have to be careful of a few things.

First of all you should know that some drugs are actually dangerous to stop using.  There are basically 3 classes of drugs that this is true of: alcohol, benzos, and barbiturates.  If you are detoxing from any of those 3 substances, then you need to seek medical attention because they are potentially life threatening conditions.  Benzos include drugs such as Valium, Ativan, Librium, Klonipin, and so on.

Now beyond that, many people are detoxing from other drugs, such as opiate painkillers or heroin or cocaine or marijuana.  If this is the case then you can definitely detox at home, it is just a matter of how comfortable you will be.  You may feel like you are dying from opiate withdrawal but in fact there is no real danger in it like there is with some other drugs as mentioned above.

So is there anything you can do in order to detox at home and feel better?  Yes there is but again, you need to be careful. Don’t go overboard with any of these suggestions and of course, consider consulting your doctor as well.

For headaches you can take Tylenol or Ibuprofen, and alternate the use of these two medications every four hours.  Do not exceed the dosages on the bottle though.

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For anxiety, you can take Benadryl 50 milligrams every four hours.  Again, do not exceed the dosages on the side of the bottle, unless your doctor tells you to do so.

If you can’t sleep, you might also try Benadryl to help with that.

You should concentrate on staying well hydrated while you are going through withdrawal at home. This is important because you need to stay well hydrated in order to flush out your system.  Also, some drugs cause you to lose a lot of water when you detox from them, so keep drinking ice water.

The other big suggestion is to try and sleep as much as possible.  You can actually capitalize on this idea if you are good with your timing and how and when you stop using drugs.  The basic idea is that you want to be extra tired when your withdrawal symptoms are peaking.  This is actually pretty easy to do and if you do this it will be well worth the effort.  Say you are detoxing from opiates and you know that your withdrawal will be the worst on day 3.  Well, on the second day, don’t go to sleep that night.  Stay up all night long and keep drinking fluids to flush your system even faster.  Then, when you are feeling your worst during day 3, it will be easy to sleep through it because you will be so tired.  This sounds crazy but it works great.  Try it.

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