Psychological Factors Along with Drug Dependency Equals Full Blown Addiction

Psychological Factors Along with Drug Dependency Equals Full Blown Addiction


Is drug dependency the same thing as drug addiction?  Not necessarily.

A person can become dependent on a drug but not really be in full blown addiction.  Drug dependence signifies physical dependence.  Drug addiction goes a step beyond mere physical dependence and includes some psychological factors as well, such as:

1) Compulsive behavior

2) Obsessive thoughts

Anyone who has slowly become dependent on a chemical is in danger of sliding into full blown addiction based on these added psychological factors.  For example, if a person is trying to temporarily abstain from their drug of choice, but they are suddenly offered the drug unexpectedly, a true addict will not be able to turn the drug down (even though they had promised themselves that they would).

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Another example is when an addict runs out of their drug or is getting low on supply.  Their thoughts will become dominated with the idea of getting or procuring more drugs for themselves. This will become their main goal in life until they have resolved the issue and their mind will constantly revisit the problem until it is solved.  This is obsessive thinking about drugs and alcohol that is typical of addiction.

If you have become dependent on drugs and cannot stop using them on your own, then the time has come for you to ask for help.  Many addicts have an aversion to doing so, so they may stay stuck in dependence for a long time without getting any relief.  Try to quit on your own and if you cannot, then the time has come to get honest with yourself and make a decision.  The best choice for most people in this situation is to go check into a drug or alcohol rehab.

Inpatient rehab is generally the best choice for treating drug dependency because they have a full medical detox area where you can be properly detoxed from whatever chemicals you are taking.  This is especially important regarding certain drugs like tranquilizer and also alcohol, because detoxing from them can be dangerous.  Most drug dependencies are not dangerous to detox from but these few substances can be a bit tricky, so it is nothing to mess around with.  Go get the help you need in order to detox safely.

The best option for rehab in most cases is to simple get on the phone and call up a local rehab.  Ask questions about what you need to do in order to be admitted.  Then you can get a plan of action going and get started on a new life in recovery.

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