Why Many Drug Centers Continue to Rely on the 12 Step Model

Why Many Drug Centers Continue to Rely on the 12 Step Model


Most drug centers will use the best techniques that they know how in order to treat drug addiction, and this will typically involve the 12 step program of either AA or NA.  Really, drug addiction centers can employ many different techniques, but they have to have a treatment philosophy that can tie everything together and provide a recovery path that goes beyond their inpatient setting.  What do the instruct the addict to do after leaving rehab?  How do they expect them to stay clean in the long run?  The answers to those questions help to define their treatment philosophy.  Most drug rehab centers opt to use the 12 step program as their treatment philosophy, and for good reasons.  Some of these good reasons include:

1) 12 step programs are a solid foundation that has proven to work for several years now (though of course they do not work for every client, they certainly work for some).

2) 12 step programs provide a framework for aftercare, as there are meetings and fellowship pretty much everywhere, all accessible for free.

3) 12 step programs are sort of the default treatment model that the substance abuse community has evolved with, and it is used by the majority of rehabs.  So it is easy to keep on using it.

There are disadvantages to using the 12 step program as well, with the main one being that some people are dead set against it as a model for recovery.  They may have tried it in the past and have made up their mind that it is not for them.  Some people are also turned off by the spiritual implications of the 12 step program.  For whatever reason, a lot of people who really need help end up rejecting the 12 step program outright.

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Some drug treatment centers do use other methods of recovery, but these are few and far between.  The success rates for different models of recovery seem to be about the same, regardless of what program is used or what recovery philosophy is followed.

It makes sense for a struggling addict to stay open minded when it comes to getting clean and sober.  If they are dead set against a certain method of treatment, then this puts up a huge block for them and gives them an excuse to continue using drugs.  On the other hand, it would be nice to have a few more options when it comes to getting clean and sober, especially when the dominant treatment model is essentially a huge push for spiritual growth as the main thrust of the program.

A drug center that can offer treatment alternatives to this can really capitalize and attract many different addicts.

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