Success through Taking Action in a Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Success through Taking Action in a Drug Addiction Treatment Program


A good drug addiction treatment program will challenge the participants to get radical in their approach and take massive action.  Less successful programs will do just the opposite and merely make suggestions for people to take action, but not really push them to go all out.

The difference in this is huge.  The reason for this vast difference is due to the nature of addiction and recovery.

Ask those people who have successfully overcome their drug addiction how much work and effort they had to put in during their first year of recovery.  Ask them what level of commitment it took.  Ask them how much footwork and effort they had to put in.  Ask them if it was easy.

Of course you can guess what kinds of responses you will hear.  Everyone you ask will say that the first year of their drug addiction recovery was the hardest thing they have ever done in their life.  It was a monumental effort that kept them clean.  It took everything that they had.

The amazing thing is that this response is universal.  Interview 20 recovering addicts, and they will all agree with this idea.  It took massive action for them to stay clean in early recovery.  They will all agree that it was extremely hard to do.  None of them will say that it was easy, or that it took a minimal or even modest amount of effort.  In all cases, they will say that it took a huge effort on their part.

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Thus, we have insight into the secret of recovery.  This data should help us to perfectly outline any addiction treatment program.  The key is in the massive amount of effort.  Therefore, the best programs encourage massive effort.

What constitutes massive effort for the newly recovering addict?  How about:

1) Going to 90 meetings in 90 days.  Or, going to more than 90 in 90.  Many successful addicts in recovery will tell of how they went to 2 or 3 meetings per day in early recovery.  Think massive action.

2) Living in long term rehab for several months or even years.  Again, think massive action.  Go big or go home.  How many addicts relapse after doing 28 days or less in a rehab program?  Just about all of them.  Think bigger than that.

3) Helping other addicts in recovery with a real passion.  Dedicate your life to helping others in recovery and you will get huge returns on your own progress.  Again, think big, and you will secure your own future in recovery.

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