Encouraging Someone to Attend a Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Encouraging Someone to Attend a Drug Addiction Treatment Center


If you or someone you love is struggling to overcome addiction, then you might plan on going to a drug addiction treatment center.  Doing so can be the pivotal decision that gets your life turned around finally.  There are other methods of treatment, but none of them generally have the same level of impact as going to residential treatment.

When you check into a rehab to stay for a few weeks, this has a huge impact on your life.  Obviously, doing so is an admission of sorts that you actually have a problem.  Most people will resist the idea of treatment if they are still in denial about their addiction.  They will argue that they do not need rehab, because they will say that they could stop if they really wanted to stop.  This is a form of denial and if they finally experience enough misery in their life then eventually they will become willing to give treatment a chance.

The way to encourage someone to go to an addiction treatment center for drugs or alcohol is to use a hands-off approach.  This is very hard to do because we believe that if we actively pester them into going that it will produce faster results. This has turned out to not be true and it has basically been discovered that pestering the addict will not produce good results and in fact will only create resentment.  So the key is to sort of let the addict find the path to recovery on their own.

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One key to doing this is to not enable them. If the addict in your life is getting into trouble, do not prevent it or go out of your way to ease their pain.  They are screwing up their life and they are creating more pain in their own life and it is your job to get out of the way and let it happen.  Doing so may sound cruel at first, but you have to realize what will motivate them to go to a treatment center eventually.  The motivator is pain.  They will agree to go to rehab but only if they have enough pain in their life.

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So your job as a support system is to never deny them of the pain that they are creating for themselves. If you do, then you simply prolong the process and delay their entrance into recovery.  If you let them experience the pain then they become more likely to seek help.

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