3 Keys to Success for Long Term Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

3 Keys to Success for Long Term Drug Addiction Rehabilitation


The whole key to drug addiction rehabilitation is to start a new life by utilizing some key principles in addiction recovery.  These can be found in a variety of different recovery programs, including the 12 step programs, but you can get there by following many different paths.  Here are the 3 keys that make drug rehabilitation work for most people:

1) Increased self esteem.

It has been postulated that all addicts and alcoholics suffer from some level of low self esteem, even if they do not appear to on the surface.  For example, say an addict or alcoholic in early recovery is displaying a great deal of confidence and supposed self worth…..people argue that deep down, this person is putting on a bit of a show, and everyone who enters recovery is a little bit down on themselves, at least at first.  We abused our bodies for a long time in addiction, so it is pretty natural to assume that we do not have a high level of real self esteem.  Anyone who does is faking it a bit.

So what to do in recovery?  One huge key is to boost this level of self esteem.  Not in a fake way, but by using the next to concepts on this list to make real personal gains.

The key is that you are going to be faced with relapse at some point.  You will have your drug of choice in front of you and you will have to choose, all by yourself, whether to use it or not.  If you have low self esteem, then you will use.  If you value your life and value your sobriety, then you will resist the urge.  Simple as that.

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Sustained recovery is a function of healthy self esteem.  So, how do we build real self esteem in recovery?  Read on.

2) Personal growth.

Push yourself to keep learning and keep growing in recovery.  If you stagnate in this department, you are tempting relapse.  Why?  Because your self esteem will start to suffer.  The only long term enemy in recovery complacency.  If you claim acceptance of self and choose to do nothing to push yourself, then you invite the possibility of relapse into your life.  Get busy and stay busy.  So how do we grow personally?  Read on.

3) Holistic health.

You want to keep learning and growing.  What is your direction?  Personal, holistic health is a good place to start.

Quit smoking.  Start exercising.  Find emotional balance.  Grow spiritually.  And so on.

These are the keys to recovery.  Any program will get you there.

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