The Key Variables Affecting Outcomes for a Drug Addiction Program

The Key Variables Affecting Outcomes for a Drug Addiction Program


What makes for a successful drug addiction program?  There are a number of different factors that might contribute to a person’s success in attempting to get clean and sober through a drug program.  Let’s consider some of the variables:

* Attending a treatment program at all, whether that be inpatient, outpatient, counseling, or simply attending 12 step meetings.

* Follow up with continued care after leaving or finishing treatment.

* Level of willingness going into the program. Desire to stay clean and sober.  Desire to change their life.

* Level of surrender. This is slightly different than the willingness level.  This is a measure of how “beat down” you are from your addiction.  The more intense your suffering, the greater potential you have to translate that into willingness for change.

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* Accountability. If you are living in a long term drug addiction program, then you probably have a ton of accountability looking over your shoulder at all times.  They will likely do random drug screens, and also you will be kept accountable with regular therapy and meetings.  Some forms of treatment have more accountability than others.  For example, if you are just taking medication to try and fix your drug addiction, there is almost zero accountability in that (maybe a small amount with your prescribing doctor).  On the other hand, if you get alcohol detox help and stay in treatment for 28 days and then attend meetings on a regular basis, there is quite a bit more accountability built into that routine.

* Action taken. This can be a summary of your entire recovery efforts.  What actions has the individual taken towards a better life in recovery?  Ultimately, this is the variable that can measure all the others.  If a person has good intentions, and genuinely wants to stay clean, this means nothing unless they back this up with continuous, positive action.  Most people who get into early recovery seriously underestimate how much action is necessary to recover.  They think that an average or modest effort towards things like 12 step meetings, counseling, or therapy will be enough to produce decent results in their recovery.  The news flash is that a modest effort will always result in relapse.  No one can sneak by without putting in the work.  Recovery takes lots and lots of work.  Of course it is all worth it in the end, but you have to put forth the effort.

So those are some of the variables to help you gauge whether or not you (or someone else) is ready to recover.  Really it all come down to action.  Most of the variables just measure how much action will be taken and how consistently.


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