Drug Addiction Information

Drug Addiction Information


Some of the best drug addiction information that you can get is pertaining to the possible solution for those who are struggling to get well.  You may also want to know how to define drug addiction and what are the typical signs of it.

Defining drug and alcohol addiction

People who cannot stop using drugs or alcohol against their own will are addicted to drugs.  In other words, the person wants to stop using (at some point) but they cannot do so under their own power.  Now this gets tricky because many people who have wanted to stop temporarily are able to do so in order to save face or prove a point to themselves or to others.  Any drug addict–no matter how hopelessly addicted they are–can actually stop without any problems, for a very short period of time.  In fact, most addicts can actually stop for a even a modest length of time if they really white knuckle it.

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But the fact is (and this is what defines addiction) that no drug addict can stay clean and sober in the long run, consistently over time, and solve their own problem of addiction without any outside help whatsoever.  If they can, then they defy the definition of addiction.  They are not addicts.

Typical signs of addiction

There are so many different behaviors, as there are different drugs.  But many of the same signs will apply: sneaky behavior, missing money, sick days or missing school and work, and so on.  The signs do not change much from drug to drug, but of course a cocaine addict is going to behave a bit differently than an alcoholic, especially when they are under the influence.  But even with two different drugs like this, many of the same signs will be there, such as financial problems and emotional instability.

Possible solutions for drug addiction

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One of the better solutions for addiction is to get the person to go to drug rehab. This is generally the best option for most people because there are several advantages to rehab over other recovery strategies.  For one thing, rehab incorporates almost all other solutions into it.  In other words, rehab typically has group therapy, counseling, peer support, and so on.  It exposes people to 12 step meetings and gives them plenty of different options for possible aftercare solutions, such as outpatient therapy or counseling.  So it is best to start with drug rehab if you can, because from there, there are many possible options for the addict to explore in recovery.


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