What are You Going to do After Leaving Drug Addiction Detox?

What are You Going to do After Leaving Drug Addiction Detox?


How do you go through drug addiction detox and change your life for the better?  Well if you are a recovering addict then you need to follow this up with massive action.

See it is like this: anyone can go to drug detox and get dried out and sobered up.  There is no magic in this and this is not a solution.  It is merely a starting point.  Go check into a local drug rehab and get detoxed.  It doesn’t much matter what drugs you are on or if you are drinking or what have you.  None of those details are terribly important.  You want to change your life?  You want to be in recovery and enjoy your life again and find happiness without using drugs and alcohol every day?  Anyone can achieve this and your journey starts out with addiction detox from drugs.  You have to get a clean slate in order to get started on a new life.

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The question is: what are you going to do when you walk out of detox? Over 90 percent of addicts go right back to using their drug of choice within just a short period of time.  An even higher percentage will relapse before a few months is up.  The simple fact is that most people who go through detox end up being right back at it very quickly.  So what can you do to prevent this seemingly inevitable relapse from occurring?

The answer is that you need to take massive action. If you are treating detox and recovery like it is some minor step along your life path, then you should probably just continue to use for a while longer until you get a bit more desperate.  Sad to say but it is absolutely true.  The only way to get over drug addiction and really get detoxed and get started on a new path in life is to take huge, massive, life-altering action.  Massive action is the answer.  If you just do something half hearted then this will not cut it.  Recovery demands that you go big.

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What does this mean for you?  It means that you should find an addiction detox program that also has a residential program and go through the whole thing.  It means that you need to listen to them in addiction treatment and take some suggestions.  And it means that you need to follow through on those suggestions when you get out of treatment.

Change your life.  Take massive action.

So many people fail to make it to the 90 day mark of sobriety because after they leave detox they typically:

1) Do not follow through with their aftercare plans.

2) Do not connect with others in recovery.

3) Do not take positive action every day and start building a new life.

4) Do not put their greatest possible effort into recovery.

It takes a very strong commitment to recovery in order to make it work, and most people do not realize just how hard they have to push themselves in order to change.  So the key is to use overwhelming force in your recovery efforts.


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