A Good Drug Addiction Center Should Expose Clients to Real 12 Step...

A Good Drug Addiction Center Should Expose Clients to Real 12 Step Meetings


The best drug addiction center is the type of place that forces addicts into taking massive amounts of action, creating real change.  This is really hard to do and if someone can devise a better formula for inciting massive change then they could seriously shake up the substance abuse community by providing significantly better success rates.  As it is right now, no one has a significant lead or advantage in getting people clean and sober because everyone is pretty much lousy at it.  We don’t have any magic tricks up our sleeves for producing miracles in recovery, and no amount of money can change this.  Paying more for treatment does not yield better results, and in fact, some of the hard core programs that are set up for homeless addicts and alcoholics may in fact produce the best results.  It is a hard thing to measure but the bottom line is that no one has a dominant model for treatment that results in outstanding success rates.  It is still a young and growing industry, with much to be revealed from both science and medicine.

Most drug addiction centers do not really inspire people to take action.  They might pay lip service to the idea, but really, what are they doing during their 28 days of rehab?  Most are just having clients sit around all day and watch videos, listen to lectures, and possibly interact a bit in group therapy.  The closest thing to taking action would be the rehabs that physically take the clients out to a real AA or NA meeting out in the community every day, but the vast majority do not do this.

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Why is that an advanced technique for rehab?  Because it is a “real world recovery action.”  Going to an outside meeting is something that an addict can do to help them stay clean even after they leave rehab.  Why not have them practice this while they are still in treatment?

Simply telling addicts to go to meetings does not work. Heck, meetings themselves do not really work either, unless they are followed up with real action.  For example, getting a sponsor, working through the steps with them, and so on.  Simply going to meetings does nothing.  It keeps no one clean.  At all.  Only with real action can you move beyond this surface-level recovery and actually start changing your life.  The best drug and alcohol addiction centers inspire people to stay doing this while they are still in rehab.  This is the best path to taking action in early recovery, and this is what can produce better success rates.  Action.

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