Drug Addicted Mothers Have the Odds Against Them

Drug Addicted Mothers Have the Odds Against Them


Being a parent is hard enough, however being children to a drug addicted mothers is even harder on the child. Proven through science and testing it is said that woman are more prone to become addicted faster and further than a man would. As a song once said ‘ Mother’s little helper” by Mick Jagger. The song was made because of the reason of the use and higher rates of abusing drugs when it comes to females more than men. The abuse can be, alcohol, pills, narcotics, and street drugs. Some of those street drugs are called Cocaine, Crack, Ecstasy, Heroin, Meth, as well as Marijuana. Through the studies they have proven that over twenty million females in the U.S.A.
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The study is not just about females, we are talking about mothers as well. While you can start your day off with a simple shower or cup of coffee, these mothers wake up to doing their drug of choice, just to function and be able to get up. As they may have even stayed up all night using their drugs. Some of the drugs mentioned can cause you to become tired, nod off, physically be ill, as some can make you feel like you are awake, and able to go all day and night long. The drugs that will tend to give you a drug induced insomnia, makes your heart rate speed up to a higher pulse per minute, putting these mothers in danger of strokes, heart attacks and even death. This is not a new epidemic we are talking about. In the past it was a more quiet problem, now addiction is loud, and damaging, to others. Especially if you are a child to a mother with substance abuse. The mothers being female will get drunk more or higher faster than most men. The research resulted calling the mothers, ” Mothers Under the Influence”. Even that the mothers know that their addictions are hurting them, they often do not think of their children when they are drunk or high. A female’s body contains less water and more fatty tissue, especially after having a child. This causes the alcohol to absorb faster, compared to their counterpart. These similar factors work in making the illegal drugs to work faster into the mother’s blood stream, then into her tissues.

To make matters worse with their abuse it is also proven that mothers are more punitive with their own child then those mothers that do not have substance abuse problems. When this study was done, it was found that the style of punishment with mothers who are alcoholics, or drug abusers are more likely to be harsher with their punishment. They are also more physical while they reprimand their children. Causing it to open the door for physical abuse on top of the child or children living with the mental abuse daily while they act more like the parent, due to taking care of their mother. This is seen many times over with older children, who feel they have to take over the parenting of their siblings, and of the addicted mothers. The family may have to deal with more then watching their mother slowly harm herself, they also have to deal with their mother berating them, throwing something at others in the home. The severity of abuse is child abuse, and if you know or are a mother using your children are more prone to become another addict, another alcoholic, which can mean another child abuser. Children will misbehave, however if the child misbehaves and their mother is using then there is a very good chance of abuse happening to them. Child abuse is not just physical. If the mother is using, she may ignore her children, which means the money will go to her cravings for her drug of choice instead of buying food, paying the bills, or getting the right medical care that is needed. Mothers need to reach out and ask for help and know that you are not the only mother who reaches out to get the care they need.

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