Experimentation is Key for Drug Abuse Treatments

Experimentation is Key for Drug Abuse Treatments


The key to drug abuse treatments is all up to the individual and their dedication to making a recovery program work in their life.  There is not magic secret that can create willingness out of thin air.  If someone wants to continue to use drugs and alcohol then there is precious little that can be done to stop them.  The effectiveness of any drug abuse treatment is going to be directly proportional to the willingness of the individual.  Are they willing to make big changes in their life?  Are they willing to change everything?  Are they willing to hang out with different people, change all their friends, spend all their time differently?  Are they willing to ask for help?  And so on.

Most drug addiction treatments do not put enough emphasis on aftercare.  They are short programs, usually, that may last for about 28 days or less.  And typically the treatment consists of lectures, group therapy, and meetings.  They try to teach addicts and drug abusers a new way to live.  But is this really effective?  The success rates would say that it is not so effective.

What about an alternative drug rehab?  Can they be more effective?  In some cases they can be, though this is not the ultimate answer for everyone either.  Usually alternative drug rehabs offer a program that is not based on the 12 step program.  It all depends on what works for the individual, of course.  In some cases, a religious based program may work for someone, whereas the 12 step program may have failed them.  It all just depends.

As such, you should take the following attitude towards drug abuse treatment:

* Keep experimenting until you find what works. Try counseling.  Try inpatient therapy.  Try 12 step meetings.  Try outpatient therapy.  Try long term treatment.  And so on.  If you continue to relapse, then keep trying more treatment options.  Tend to gravitate toward more intensive therapies if you keep failing (such as long term rehab).

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* Stay open minded to treatment options. Otherwise you may close yourself off to something that might have worked for you.  For example, a medical treatment or a medication might be the key for some people, but obviously, you have to stay open to the idea.

* Keep in mind that it is all about action. In fact, most any treatment method will work just fine for anyone, provided that person puts a true 100 percent effort into their recovery.  Most do not put in the work and that is why they relapse.

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