An Instant Cure from Drug Abuse Treatment Centers?

An Instant Cure from Drug Abuse Treatment Centers?


The most helpful drug abuse treatment centers are those that inspire massive action in early recovery.  The reason for this is simple: massive action is the only thing that actually helps in early recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Most people are easily confused by this.  They are misled into thinking that certain things are important in early recovery when in fact they are not.  For example, many people believe that finding the right treatment center is hugely important in getting someone clean and sober.  They believe that taking someone to a lousy treatment center will produce poor results, and taking them to a prestigious addiction treatment center will produce good results.  It is understandable that people think this way, because we have all been conditioned that way based on other life experiences.

Unfortunately, drug abuse treatment center selection does not work like this.  It would be great if it did, because then you could just pay more money and get better results.  If you wanted to make sure that your loved one stayed clean and sober, you could simply whip out your checkbook and send them to the best treatment center in the world.  They would fix everything for you.

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But this doesn’t work, and it never will work that way.  Recovery is an inside job. Seeking an external source for recovery (such as a prestigious treatment center) is not going to help the struggling addict one bit.  If there is no motivation to get clean, then no rehab in the world can fix that.  It has to come from within.

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Now some people have reached a point where they are wanting to change, but they might still have a reservation or two about staying clean and sober, and they might be a bit on the fence.  These people can only be helped by taking massive action. In fact, anyone in early recovery, regardless of their level of conviction and motivation, can only be helped by taking massive action.  That is the only thing that will produce meaningful recovery.


Because recovery requires massive change.  The addict has to change everything.  Literally.  Every single thing about their life has to change.  Truly, this is a monumental undertaking.  It requires a massive amount of action on the part of the individual.

Everything else is just a detail.  Without massive action, the return to relapse is inevitable.  Full commitment and high motivation are necessary to make it to the next phase of recovery (long term sobriety).


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