The Benefits of Drug Abuse Rehab

The Benefits of Drug Abuse Rehab


Any addict or alcoholic who is struggling to get clean and sober might consider going to drug abuse rehab.  There are a number of benefits to checking into inpatient drug rehab that might initially be overlooked by people who believe it is somehow easy to get clean:

1) Drug abuse rehabilitation provides a safe environment without any temptations to use drugs or alcohol while you are there.

2) Drug rehab provides support systems such as peer groups, counselors, therapists, and additional resources to help people to stay clean.

3) Drug addiction rehab teaches recovering addicts and alcoholics various strategies and tools that they can use to stay clean and sober for after they leave rehab.  These strategies could include things such as:

* Attending 12 step meetings on the outside.

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* Using relapse prevention techniques.

* Using relaxation techniques to control stress and maintain emotional balance.

* Practicing holistic health techniques to maintain a higher quality of life.

* Using socialization, especially with other recovering peers, as a means of staying clean.

* Using sponsorship to help learn new things and get guidance in recovery.

* Setting up proper aftercare plans that may employ outpatient therapy or counseling sessions.

The best form of drug abuse rehab draws from all possible strategies to find things that work for the individual.  Recovery from addiction and alcoholism is largely a personal journey, and therefore the best treatments are the ones that actually work for an individual.  People have different styles of recovery, and no two people will have the exact same journey in attempting to stay clean.  For example, some people find their path in a religious program that is not based on traditional 12 step recovery at all, and they do just fine.  Others reject this model and cannot make progress with a religious program of recovery.

Short term recovery programs need to be action oriented to be effective.  Thinking about recovery and planning are just about completely useless for someone who is just entering recovery.  At this early stage in the game, all that matters is action and results. Talking about recovery and thinking about it are overrated.  Taking action and making life-altering decisions is underrated.  For example, checking into long term treatment, making a commitment to do daily recovery work, and immersing oneself in a recovery program with an emphasis on helping others are all big action steps that can produce good results.  The best rehabs encourage this type of action and commitment from the addicts and alcoholics who attend them.

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