Drug Abuse Programs Need to be Comprehensive to Be Effective

Drug Abuse Programs Need to be Comprehensive to Be Effective


Most drug abuse programs do the best they can to try to help addicts and alcoholics and people who may just be abusing drugs too much.  Not everyone who finds themselves in this type of treatment program will be a hard core addict.  There may be people who are temporarily abusing drugs who do not really have a serious problem.  For people like that, counseling may be enough to get them back on the right track.  I do not have much experience with those types of people or those types of situations, because I am much the opposite of that: I am a real drug addict of the most hopeless variety.  I wanted to use drugs until I died.  And I new for many years that I was hopelessly screwed in terms of being addicted. I had no false hopes that I might learn to control my drug intake.  I knew I was screwed.

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Drug abuse carries that danger with it, that it might turn into drug addiction at any moment.  People can go for years or even decades without really having a problem, and then all of a sudden–wham!  They are addicted.  They spiral out of control and their drug intake escalates rapidly. They start crossing boundaries that they said that they would never cross (such as using harder drugs or taking them via more extreme routes, etc.).  Basically, drug abuse can slip into drug addiction at any given time, without the person giving their permission! It just happens.  If you abuse drugs for long enough, then eventually you will rely on them more and more to medicate your feelings with, and soon you may wind up addicted to them.

The best program for drug abuse diagnoses exactly where are a person is at with their drug use and figures out the best form of treatment for them at the time.  This takes time, money, and resources in order to do it properly.  It can also take extra help in the form of side issues at times, such as dealing with mental health issues or physical health problems.  Maybe someone has chronic pain issues and they are abusing painkillers.  In order to treat a drug abuser properly and get them the help they need, you might have to treat some of these side issues as well, because they may be part of the root problem that is driving the drug abuse.  Without this holistic approach, not much progress can be made with an individual.

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