Should You Pursue a Formal Drug Abuse Intervention?

Should You Pursue a Formal Drug Abuse Intervention?

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One of the things you need to consider before you go through with a drug abuse intervention is whether or not it is truly worth the risk.  This can be slightly confusing to some people because they might not see any risk at all in attempting to persuade a friend or family member to get help for addiction.  But there is some risk involved and you should consider this before you do a drug intervention.

For example, sometimes people who attempt an intervention only end up further isolating the addict from them.  It can be a bit overwhelming to have a large intervention performed on you and have everyone in your face all at once.  Some addicts will simply reject this situation out of fear and they will back off from it quickly, retreating to a place of relative safety.  Instead of stepping forward with great courage and trying to make changes in their life, they might resent the intervention and use it as an excuse to self medicate even more.  This is the main risk involved with using a formal intervention, and all other risks are usually derivatives of this.

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If you decide that the situation is desperate enough to warrant taking this risk, then you are ready to organize the intervention and take action.  Your first choice is to decide whether or not you want to bring in professional help.  You can hire an “interventionist” to help guide you through the process and try to help convince the person to go to rehab.  My personal belief on this is that it is a waste of time and money to seek out a professional interventionist. Just my opinion.  Of course, you do want professional help, especially in a drug rehab setting, but my belief is that the decision to actually go to rehab is not going to be swayed by professional help.  Spending money on this part of the solution will not produce any better results, in my opinion (and in my experience).

So I say, gather up your friends and family and call up local drug rehabs before you do the intervention, and get a place that can insure that they accept the addict on the day of the intervention.  Work this all out in advance.  If you can do that, then you have a definite goal of the intervention and you can all try to convince the person to go.  Everything has been arranged in advance.  The bed at rehab is waiting for the person.  This is the preferred method that I would suggest because it helps to define actionable goals for the intervention.

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