Getting the Drug Abuse Help that You Need in Order to Recover

Getting the Drug Abuse Help that You Need in Order to Recover


If you are in need of drug abuse help then here are some options for you:

1) Talk with a counselor or therapist – who might be able to guide you and help you determine the severity of your problem.  There is of course a difference between drug abuse and drug addiction.  Just because someone is abusing drugs does not mean that they are automatically an addict.  They might recommend that you simply find some new behaviors and people to hang around with.  On the other hand, they might suggest that you check into drug rehab immediately.  It all depends on where you are at with your drug use.

2) Attend a 12 step meeting – if you think you might have a problem with drug abuse, then a good option for  you to learn more is to attend a 12 step meeting, such as AA or NA.  There you can tell them that you think you might be addicted, and they will help you to determine if you are an addict or not.  They will do this by sharing their stories with you and helping to you to see if you can relate to them.  They happen to all be addicts and alcoholics, not people who are merely abusing drugs.  So if you go this route and you can relate very well to the people in 12 step programs, then you are probably addicted to drugs or alcohol and your problem is more complicated than simple abuse.

3) Go to drug rehab – if you determine that you cannot stop using drugs on your own, then regardless of whether you think it is abuse or not, you need help and you should probably go to rehab.  There are other solutions if you are addicted but going to a rehab facility is going to provide you with the best care in this situation and give you the best shot at creating a new life in recovery.  Rehab is expensive but many people qualify for funding in some way, whether they have Medicaid, private insurance, or can qualify for funding at the state level.  You will not know for sure unless you call up a local treatment center and ask some questions.

The whole key in getting help for drug abuse is to take serious action.  If you simply wish the problem would go away then you are only going to get deeper and deeper into trouble with it.  The best route is to make a firm decision and follow that up with real action.

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Most people fail in recovery because they do not follow through.  They might make a start and go to rehab or hit a few meetings, but they do not take continuous, positive action every day.


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