Drug Abuse Foundation

Drug Abuse Foundation


A drug abuse foundation is generally a non profit establishment that seeks to promote both prevention and treatment for drug abuse and drug addiction.  Of course the foundation is set up to take in money in order to further these goals and so people can make donations to them and so on.

But the real challenge of drug abuse treatment is in finding new solutions that work better.  The substance abuse community in general is not doing so great in terms of success rates, and it never has.  This becomes a bit more frustrating as time goes on because modern medicine makes strides and improves in so many other areas, yet drug abuse treatment remains largely unchanged for the past 80 years or so.  In fact, we are still basically relying on the 12 step model of recovery as our main defense against drug addiction and alcoholism, and the success rates for 12 step programs are notoriously low.

Even AA world services states that almost 80 percent of every person who comes to their first AA meeting will leave the fellowship and never return after less than a year. This statistic is a bit older but it is based on a huge mountain of data that spans several decades from AA census surveys.  Now whether or not any of that 80 percent finds another way to stay clean and sober is sort of beside the point, because we put so much effort into funneling people into 12 step programs these days.  If 12 step programs have an 80 percent drop out rate, with only a small percentage of those who remain that actually stay sober, should we really be putting our money into pushing people toward this as a solution?

One thousand Americans stop smoking every day - by dying
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The best solution for an addict or an alcoholic is to create a new life that they actually want to live in recovery.  This may or may not happen through a 12 step program, but ultimately this is the goal that has the power to keep people sober.  Perhaps we need to put more research into exploring holistic methods of recovery and find new ways to stimulate successful recovery through personal growth.

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Most people think that we need a certain program in order to recover; the perfect sequence of steps or some magic philosophy that will save us.  In fact there is no magic to be found in any recovery program–the answer is in hard work and in taking massive action.  The program itself is just a set of guidelines that anyone can come up with.  Any useful foundation for drug abuse will push our research toward the edges and explore alternative methods of treatment.

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