6 Suggestions for Overcoming Drug Abuse and Addiction

6 Suggestions for Overcoming Drug Abuse and Addiction

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If you are struggling with drug abuse and addiction then you should see about what your possible options are for getting help.  There are many possible routes you could take.  For example, you  might:

1) Quit doing drugs and start attending AA or NA meetings.

2) Go to a drug abuse rehab center and get treatment and help for your problem, then hopefully stay clean and sober.

3) See a counselor or therapist and talk with them about your problems, possibly taking action in order to get help and stop using drugs.

4) Go to group therapy that is not necessarily associated with a 12 step group, but is still supportive.

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5) Stop doing drugs and attend a church or a religious organization and see if that helps you to stay clean and sober.

6) Start exploring a life of growth and holistic health, such that you continuously push yourself to grow more and more each day.

And so on.  There are a number of different paths to recovery but most people lack the willingness to even get started.  Of those who do get started, many of them do not have the tenacity to attack the problem with massive action that is needed in order to see some success.  More frequently what happens is that a drug abuser or addict will just lightly “dip their toes into recovery” and see how it works out for them.  They are not always interested in dedicating their entire life to recovery and so they find that they do not get the results that they are looking for.

Many addicts who are trapped in a cycle of abuse and addiction would love for their life to be different.  Who would not want to be free from the chains of addiction, enjoying all the extra money that comes from not blowing cash on drugs, and enjoying the good life without a care in the world?  Recovery can be all that, and then some–but you have to work your tail off to get it.  It does not come easy and most people have to go through quite a bit of pain before they are ready to really surrender and get busy.

Recovery demands action.  Continuous, positive action.  Trying to get clean and sober and change your whole life around takes a tremendous amount of energy.  For most people, this simply never happens because they underestimate what is required of the goal.  Start with a trip to a rehab center and then apply the concepts you learn there in everything you do.

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