Diet Coke Addiction

Diet Coke Addiction


No one ever thinks about diet coke addiction as something so serious. No one ever thinks of too much soda as being harmful even if it is an addiction, but it is. Actually recent research has proven that one can of diet coke a day can lead to metabolic syndrome which is one step away from diabetes and heart disease. This one can of soda a day increases these chances by at least 50%. This is unbelievable right? Who would of thought that one small can of soda could do this much damage to the body. When you really think about it, this is devastating because over half the United States drinks at least one soda a day if not more. How can something so harmful to the body be sold in large quantities all over the world legally right? At least that was my thought when I found out. People think that just because a drink is low in calories that they are safe from harm and extra weight but never stop to think about the caffeine that is still in these diet sodas, which is very addictive.

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There is over 15 billion dollars spent on diet sodas in a single year. Wow! We have got to start opening up our eyes to what is really going on. Even though diet coke is not considered a drug, it can become a real problem for you if you find yourself unable to go a day without one. It becomes addictive and eventually takes a real toll on your health. This is also a habit, if not broken quickly, that leave you wasting thousands of dollars on sodas a year. This is a lot of money to be throwing away if you think about it. Can you imagine what you would do with a couple thousands of dollars a year? No, not buy more soda! For real, you could spend this money on a nice vacation for you and your family or this could be a down payment toward that dream house or car that you have been dying for. The point is this kind of money should not be wasted on something that is going to contribute to bad health.

This type of addiction can cause your teeth to rot, donate unwanted weight, causes respiratory problems, puts the arteries in bad shape, pulls calcium from the bones and more. Having this addiction is similar to being addicted to drugs, alcohol, or smoking. This is true because they all can cause withdrawal symptoms that make it difficult to quit. They all require that you get the necessary help to quit, and they all promote bad health and can eventually kill you if you don’t kick the habit soon. Now everyone’s body responds to addictions differently. For instance, when you try to kick your diet coke habit, you may experience withdrawal symptoms while others may not. You may not be able to kick the habit cold turkey while someone else has no problem with that.

There are even many celebrities or famous actors who have reported having this problem right along with many other Americans, so the important thing to realize is that you are nowhere near alone in this. You may not hear about this sort of thing often but it definitely is a world wide problem that needs to be addressed. You can start trying to quit on your own by replacing your cokes with a different type of drink that doesn’t have caffeine in it. If this doesn’t work then you may have a serious problem and may need to seek professional help as soon as possible.

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