Do You Need a Detoxification Drug in Order to Make it Safely...

Do You Need a Detoxification Drug in Order to Make it Safely through Withdrawal?


If you need to detox from drugs and alcohol then you might need a detoxification drug to help you through this.  In some cases, withdrawal from certain drugs or from alcohol can be dangerous so you might need medication in order to help you through it. If that is the case then what you really need is a medically supervised detox, not to simply get the medication on your own and try to detox yourself.  The reason for this is because addicts and alcoholics are notoriously bad at medicating themselves, especially if they are attempting to quit using their drug of choice at the time.

The drugs that they give you at rehab in order to help you detox will depend on what drugs you are coming off of.  If you are an alcoholic then they will give you a pill that stops you from shaking so much and helps prevent seizures.  If you are addicted to opiates or heroin then they will give you a synthetic partial opiate like Suboxone in order to help treat your withdrawal symptoms.  If you are coming off of other drugs such as marijuana or cocaine then they will likely not give you any medication to help you with that, because the withdrawal is not very physical in those cases.

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Being in drug treatment has other benefits as well that go far beyond the pills that they give you in detox.  For example, after you leave the detox area you will likely go into residential treatment, where you will learn more about how to live a clean and sober life when you leave rehab.  You will also probably be introduced to groups and meetings and sort of see how the process of networking can work for you in early recovery.

Now if you are actually interested in cleansing your body out instead of detoxing from drugs and alcohol, then you probably do not need to be doing this while you are detoxing from drugs or alcohol.  Wait until you have established your recovery before you try to do any sort of body cleansing.  Concentrate on mastering sobriety first, and worry about the details later.

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If you are coming off of alcohol or pills like Valium then you will definitely need medications to help smooth out your withdrawal symptoms.  But the same will be true if you are in withdrawal from opiates such as painkillers or heroin.  Methadone in particular can be extremely difficult to detox from, and you will likely need to taper down from the medicine before you can quit it entirely.  Going cold turkey from certain substances can be dangerous or even fatal, including:

* Alcohol.

* Methadone.

* Benzodiazpines.

* Barbiturates.

If you are detoxing from any of those substances, then you most likely will need medication in order to help you do it, as well as medical supervision.

Seek professional help.


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