The True Cost of Drug Rehab is When You Fail to Go

The True Cost of Drug Rehab is When You Fail to Go

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What is the true cost of drug rehab?  Considering that some rehabs cost upwards of two thousand dollars per day and even higher, and most suggest or encourage a stay of 28 days or longer, most people would say that the real cost of rehab is “not cheap.”

But really the question the struggling addict needs to ask is: “What is the cost of not going to rehab?”

That is the question right there, one that every addict and alcoholic wishes that they could have answered sooner than they did.  In order to understand what is going on here, we need to do a little exercise.  One that is typically conducted in a drug rehab facility by the newly recovering drug addicts.

What the therapist will do is to encourage each person to figure out the true cost of their addiction–to estimate every single dollar and every single penny that the person ever lost to addiction.  This went far beyond the actual money spent on drugs and alcohol, of course, and the therapist walked them through several categories of their lives, having them record and log money that was lost or wasted due to the side effects of their addiction.  For example, legal fees, money lost from spending time sick instead of working, and so on.

Most addicts and alcoholics who do this exercise in a rehab setting find that they are spending at least $5,000 dollars per year on their addiction, if not more.  Most were losing more like $10,000 per year.  And some people who had been using drugs and alcohol for a longer time frame had spent over a hundred thousand dollars on their addiction.

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If you take this exercise seriously and actually calculate the numbers….not just the price of the drugs and alcohol, but the total cost of your addiction and the true impact of it on your finances, then the price of rehab starts to look a lot more reasonable. Of course, it is one thing to afford rehab while you are still using, and quite another thing to stop using drugs and start saving up money in the future.

Of course, this is assuming that you will actually stay clean and sober for a good length of time upon exiting treatment.  The sad fact is that many do not.  That is why the concept of surrender is so important when it comes to getting clean and sober.  Most people know, deep down, if they have truly surrendered to their disease, if they are actually done using drugs and alcohol.  If you have reservations lurking, and are still clinging to some form of denial, then rehab can be a huge waste of money.

But if you are ready for change, then no price is too great to pay for a new life.

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