What are the Advantages of Christian Drug Rehab Centers?

What are the Advantages of Christian Drug Rehab Centers?

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Christian drug rehab centers offer struggling addicts and alcoholics to get clean and sober and start a new life for themselves, but only if they are willing to embrace a different model of recovery.  Does this religious model for recovery really work, and is it worth pursuing?

I personally know of a few guys in recovery who have found sobriety through a Christian drug rehab center. The amazing thing is that these two guys were not really all that open to the idea of a religious treatment program to begin with, but they did not have much of a choice due to their situation.  They were in a short term drug rehab and basically had no where to go when they left, so they were working with a counselor to try and find placement at a long term drug rehab.  There was one in town that was 12 step based and had no religious program involved, but the place was already full and so these guys could not get into it.  They were accepted at a place downtown instead that was religious based, and so they both went to this program, even though neither one was really all that willing.

Well, the results have been impressive.  This was about six months ago now that they entered this Christian program, and they are both still clean and sober today.  I know this because they come back to the short term rehab in order to attend meetings occasionally.  Now I have spoke with them about how they are doing and what they think of the religious rehab program, and their response was pretty interesting.

You would think that they had been through some level of conversion, but this is not the case.  They remain open minded about the religious element and even get some benefit from it, while still focusing on a 12 step path of recovery as their core program.  To me this is an amazing display of open mindedness and an excellent example for others to model and follow along with.  So many who get swept up in a religious program shut themselves off to other avenues of growth and become close minded, but this is not the case with my 2 friends.  They have found a path of growth that seems to be working great for them in recovery and they are doing it while living in a religious program.  They say “take what you need and leave the rest” and these guys are doing just that.  If you have the opportunity to attend a Christian treatment program, you might do the same and experience a positive outcome.

So one of the main advantages of Christian recovery is that it is not so restrictive as to eliminate the 12 step path. You can easily incorporate both programs into your life, and benefit from both a 12 step approach as well as from the religious angle.

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Another benefit is that you get the fellowship and support of an organized religion behind you.  For those who are also in the 12 step fellowship, this is just another layer of support that can help them through the tough times.

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