Can You Change Your Life at a Christian Drug Rehab Center?

Can You Change Your Life at a Christian Drug Rehab Center?


What are the advantages of going to a Christian drug rehab center?  Is it as good as going to a more mainstream, more traditional rehab center?  Can you get clean and sober at either one and be successful in recovery?  Which is the better choice?

All good questions regarding religious treatment.  This can be a hot topic for people because many addicts become very defensive if you suggest that they go to a religious rehab center.  They assume that they know what the message is going to be and they already know that this solution does not really work for them.

Think about it.  If someone is suggesting religious treatment, then the addict in question will probably throw up their defenses and say that it will not help them. Of course they will say this, because they have probably been raised in a religious home and they already know that religion did not keep them clean and sober.  It is not that they are against religion or anything.  It is just that they are not really into religion as a solution for their own life.  This is at the core of why most people resist religious treatment.

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People have beliefs.  They might have a certain religion that they were brought up in, so all other religions are somehow evil or taboo.  Or even worse, a person is completely against religion in general, and they believe that it is all a bunch of religious crap and none of it can help them.  They are offended at the idea of someone “forcing” religious ideas on to them.  They believe that they have already evaluated all of those religious ideas and established their beliefs, thank you very much.  They don’t need anything more in the belief department.

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It is this kind of close mindedness that keeps people from recovery in some cases.  Now, I am not saying that religious treatment centers are the solution for recovery.  All I am suggesting is that they do work for a small percentage of people (just like regular rehab…which only works for a small percentage of those who attend).

In other words, a Christian drug rehab center might work for you.  And it might not.  But if you block yourself completely from the idea, then you will never know for sure and will probably continue to use drugs and alcohol.

Some addicts don’t have a choice about where they go to rehab.  If you have a choice between religious treatment, and no treatment at all, then you should push your beliefs and prejudices aside and go to a religious rehab.  Keep an open mind and just take what you need from their program and discard the rest.

No need to get all offended.  Do you want to change your life or not?

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