What are the Alternatives to 12 Step Programs?

What are the Alternatives to 12 Step Programs?


Are there alternatives to 12 step programs out there?  If so, are they any good at helping people to stay sober?  Are they worth investigating?

There are alternative programs out there for sobriety, but none of them are very big or can compare in any way to the size and widespread availability of the 12 step program.  In most cases it is probably not going to work for most people to go out of their way in order to find a 12 step alternative.

The easiest way to gain exposure to an alternative solution is to go to a treatment center that is not 12 step based.  For example, you could attend a Narconon treatment facility, or a religious based treatment center.  Both of those are not going to be based on the 12 step program and both would offer an alternative program of recovery for you to follow.

But really you have to ask yourself if you really need an alternative at all.  The key to living a life of sobriety is to create a new life of passion and purpose for yourself and start growing holistically in recovery.  You can do this either with or without a program.  If you choose to do this without a program then you have to find a source of internal motivation to push yourself forward and make major changes in your life.

The whole key to recovery is in taking action.  We can sit around all day and talk about various programs and different philosophies of recovery but this does us very little good in the end.  We can sit and think about our addiction and think about plans for how we are going to stay clean and sober in the future and this does nothing for us as well.  The only real help we can get for recovery is to start taking massive amounts of action in our lives.  If we sit idle then we are headed for relapse.  Our natural state of being is to get smashed on drugs and alcohol.  It takes a tremendous amount of effort and action to get ourselves away from that natural state.  We have to actively fight against it.  And that means taking action.

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If you choose to work a 12 step program and you put a massive amount of effort into it then you will do well.  If you choose to follow an alternative program and you put a massive amount of action into it then you will do well with that too.  And if you simply push yourself to grow holistically and create a new life for yourself, you will do well with that too–provided you take massive action every day.


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