Affordable Drug Treatment

Affordable Drug Treatment


Affordable drug treatment is getting to be a bit of an oxymoron these days.  The cost of health care is rising in general and the substance abuse treatment sector is no exception to this.  There are several different options for drug treatment but they are all getting more expensive.

So are there any affordable options left?  Let’s dig in and take a look.

First of all, what exactly is expensive?  Well we all know that a couple of weeks in a hospital is quite expensive, and going to a residential drug treatment program is not much different than this.  They are still housing you, giving you a bed, and providing 24 hours per day staff support for you in rehab.  Not to mention feeding you and providing therapists for groups and lectures and such.  Also, understand that inpatient treatment like this is pretty much the traditional standard model of treatment these days.  This is what is expected for most people who seek to get off of drugs or alcohol.  And it is expensive.

Some have tried to minimize the cost of this visit to rehab by only doing detox, and not staying for the full term of residential treatment.  This can work for some people but in a lot of cases it is not a whole lot cheaper anyway.  Some people require up to 5 days of detox and most people will require at least 3.  Even on the low end of the pricing scale you are still going to be looking at over a thousand dollars for this.  Nevertheless, “detox only” might be a good option for you if you have a strong support system on the outside.  For example, some people are heavily involved in 12 step meetings, and can simply rely on those as a support foundation when they leave detox.  If this works for you, then going the detox only route might be a way to make drug treatment affordable.

Another option is to find a treatment center that does outpatient treatment.  Now many places do this with counseling and therapy, but some are considering the idea of doing it with detox as well now.  This seems like a terrible idea and sounds like it would be pretty much out of control.  You would have the addict come in once a day, check them over, give them some medication, and then send them home with some more medication that helps them detox.  Not a good recipe for success.  But this would obviously be a lot cheaper, and it might become an option for people very soon.

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If you have a doctor and can get care through your doctor’s office, then you might be able to get medication from him that will allow you to treat addiction on your own.  This would be like using drug therapy in order to get off of alcohol, street drugs, or painkillers.  This may or may not work for people but if you can afford a prescription and you have a willing doctor then it is certainly cheaper than going to rehab.

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