The Right Mindset for Conquering Addiction to Drugs

The Right Mindset for Conquering Addiction to Drugs


Those who have an addiction to drugs should do what they can to get help for their problem.  Most addicts who are stuck in the cycle of addiction and denial are not ready to make the changes necessary to break free from their problem.  It can take years and years of enduring pain and misery in active drug addiction before a person becomes willing to seek help and actually take action.

If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs, the best solution involves taking drastic action.  This is not something that the average person wants to hear.  They want to hear that they can somehow just slide away from their problem, ease out of it in some easy manner and “just get on with their life.”  I work in a drug rehab center and I hear this wording all too often: “I just want to put this behind me and get on with my life.”

This is the wrong mindset in early recovery.  It will not work at all.  People who are at this point are not likely to stay clean and sober for long.  The reason for this is because they are looking for that easy path.  They may be fed up with their addiction, but they are not yet at the level of willingness that will produce good long term results.  They just want to wish it all away and be done with it, if at all possible.

Well, unfortunately, it is not possible.  In fact, the exact opposite of this mindset is what will actually work in recovery.  Essentially, an addict or alcoholic who wants to turn their life around has to do exactly that–turn their life around.  Their whole life. Every part of it.

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They have a saying in recovery–the only thing you have to change is everything. You have to change everything.  This is very, very different from the mindset where a person “just wants to put it all behind them and move on.”  Do you see the disconnect here?  Success in recovery requires that you use overwhelming force in attacking your problem.  It requires that you dedicate your entire life to overcoming addiction.  You don’t just put the drug problem behind you.  You have to change everything.  Your entire life has to be shaken up, and redesigned from the ground up.

Most people fail in recovery because they underestimate what it takes to stay clean and sober.  They do not take massive action and so they eventually relapse.

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