Gambling Addiction Infographic

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    Gambling Addiction Infographic
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    • About 1% of American adults — nearly 3 million people — are pathological gamblers.
    • Another 2%–3% have less serious, but still significant problems.
    • As many as 15 million Americans are at risk for gambling-related problems.
    • In a survey of Gamblers Anonymous members, 52% reported alcohol abuse.
    • College graduates (24%) are significantly more likely to gamble on sports than non‐graduates (14%).
    • In one study of Gamblers Anonymous members, only 8% of members had achieved abstinence for a year or more.
    • Gambling occurs more in higherincome households (72% ) versus lower‐income households (55%)
    • 1 in 6 Americans gamble on sports each year.


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