Coca Cola Addiction

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    ‘Coca-Cola addiction? Come on, how can anyone become addicted to a soda?’ Is that your reply to the above title subject? Well, as strange as it may sound to some, there are actually people who are addicted to Coca-Cola soda.

    At one time this was literally truer in the early days of Coca-Cola than it is today. Invented in 1886 by a Civil War veteran, at one time Coca-Cola actually contained the drug cocaine until it was removed in 1906 and banned by law in 1914. In fact, the “Coca” part of Coca-Cola’s name is actually an abbreviation for cocaine.

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    Today, Coca-Cola is a popularly-sold beverage all around the world; it is often the top soft drink beverage of choice. There is nothing wrong or illegal about drinking Coca-Cola; whether one drinks it or not is one’s own personal choice.

    But nevertheless, it can be addictive to some consumers, because even though cocaine is no longer among its ingredients, there is another drug that is: Caffein. Caffein is a stimulant that is generally used in coffee or coffee-related beverages, it is also used in a lot of cola drinks, especially Coca-Cola. Though caffein is not deemed an illegal and harmful substance, for some persons it very well may be.

    It has been observed by medical professionals that when taken in large doses, caffein can be very addictive. Have you ever heard someone say that they’ll simply die if they don’t have a cup of coffee? Well, that shows you just how addictive caffein can be.

    Well, the same can be true of soft drink beverages that contain the drug caffein, including the much-loved Coca-Cola. Again, it is one’s own choice whether they choose or continue to use Coca-Cola as a beverage. It is not unlawful or illegal.

    But just because something is not unlawful or illegal does not mean it is not nonetheless addictive. In many places the smoking of tobacco is not considered illegal, unless it is done in public places where there are people and animals that have to breathe in such loathsome fumes. But it is unquestionably addictive, a fact that most people will not deny.

    Yes, there are people who are actually addicted to Coca-Cola, yes, the much-loved, world-famous Coca-Cola soda. But unlike cigarettes, there is no warning label that specifies that drinking such a beverage or beverages that contains caffein is addictive and particularly harmful to some consumers.

    If you or your loved ones feel that you have developed an addiction to Coca-Cola or any other caffein-related drinks, then perhaps you may need medical treatment or at least advice on what to do if you are. Like any other addictive drug, you will probably be given advice on what to do.

    For example, you may need to be gradually weaned off the drug caffein, much like an infant has to be weaned from mother’s milk to eating solid foods as they mature. You might even be strongly urged to stay away from such an potentially addictive drug altogether.

    Of course, whether one chooses to break free from Coca-Cola addiction or not is entirely left up to them. It is their own responsibility to decide whether you will drink the above beverage or whether you will not. Just as it is true with other substances, it will require great determination and the will to break free.

    Again, there is nothing considered illegal or wrong with drinking Coca-Cola; that is the consumer’s own decision. But if you begin to feel that you are developing an addiction, that you simply can’t live without Coca-Cola, then perhaps that is the time to get the qualified help that you need.

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