What Can a Heavy Drinker do to Turn Their Life Around and...

What Can a Heavy Drinker do to Turn Their Life Around and Quit Drinking?


Any alcoholic or heavy drinker would do well to take massive action and turn their life around in order to quit drinking.  But how can they actually go about doing this when they feel completely trapped by the cycle of addiction that they have created for themselves?  If you look at case studies where heavy drinkers have successfully done this and managed to quit, you will see that in the majority of cases, they are drinkers who:

* Had some sort of major consequence in their lives, such as a drunk driving conviction or a blow up fight with a spouse, etc.  Many alcoholics are shocked back into reality only when life smacks them hard in the face.  Consequences are how we get smacked in the face.  Many times the only way to help someone get clean and sober is to stop enabling them such that they experience the natural consequences of their drinking.  Let them “get what is coming to them” without rescuing them.

* Took massive action in some way.  For example, checking into long term rehab, or at least attending a short term treatment program of some sort.

* Had some sort of spiritual conversion, either through a 12 step program, religion, or otherwise.  Their personality changed instantly and drastically.

* Left drinking behind and replaced it with some other addiction.

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Now if you look through this list then you will agree that some methods are more desirable than others.  Most of us would prefer to stop drinking without having to experience a lot of pain in the process.  Unfortunately, alcoholics tend to learn rather slowly in this regard, and therefore we tend to learn best by pain.  If you want to shortcut that process and avoid a lifetime of misery, then your options are more clearly defined.  Instead of replacing one addiction with another (which is no solution at all) or allowing your drinking to negatively impact your life with major consequences, the answer is obviously to take massive action.

But what does that really mean?  What actions do you take?

There are a few guidelines that would get most heavier drinkers started down a positive path in recovery.  Those would include:

* Joining a church or religious community that supports you in your quest for sobriety.  Community involvement and daily positive action can be life changing in the same way as any traditional recovery program.  It is just a question of whether or not you are religiously inclined enough to take this sort of path.  If not, look elsewhere.

* Attending a drug rehab or alcohol treatment center and earnestly seeking growth from the experience.  Many people go to rehab, only to leave and relapse within 30 days or less.  Don’t become a statistic.  You can do that by putting forth a 100 percent effort at staying sober.  It has to become the most important thing in your life, by far.  Any suggestions that they give you in rehab should be followed up without hesitation.  You must immerse yourself in recovery if this is going to be your solution.

* For the truly self motivated, a path of holistic health and personal growth is easily as powerful as any structured program, but you have to push yourself in order to get benefit from such an individual path.  Most people in traditional recovery programs argue that “you can’t do it alone,” but this is not necessarily true.  I have done it alone for almost a decade now, based on personal growth and holistic health as my guiding principles.  Push yourself with real determination and you will experience a new life in recovery.

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