Treating Anxiety can Lead to Valium Addiction

Treating Anxiety can Lead to Valium Addiction


Valium is a very dangerous addiction. If you are addicted to Valium, I would strongly recommend that you call a treatment center and seek help for your addiction. If you are already in withdrawal from stopping the drug, then I strongly urge you to get medical attention immediately, as the withdrawal can be quite dangerous.

A typical story

Here is how Valium and other Benzodiazepines typically become a problem for people. Normally what happens is that an alcoholic will go to their doctor and complain of anxiety. Sometimes this will be during a “dry” period when the alcoholic is not drinking for a brief period, so they have social anxiety because they are not currently self medicating with the booze. Unfortunately in many cases a doctor will prescribe the person Valium or other similar drugs. This is unfortunate because there are now alternative medications for this that are far less dangerous and non addictive.

Now what ends up happening in cases like this is the alcoholic ends up taking their new anxiety medications and combining them with alcohol. They find when they do this that both drugs work much more efficiently when taken together and pack a much bigger punch. So the person might fall into a habit of using the pills with the alcohol, and eventually their tolerance will rise to match this new combination. When this type of Valium addiction occurs you have a very dangerous situation on your hands. This becomes especially true if the person suddenly stops taking the pills and the booze. In most cases like this they will go through a very serious withdrawal that is much worse than if they had just been drinking or using the pills alone. The chance of a seizure is greatly increased and many people in this situation will also hallucinate while they are going through withdrawal. It is a sad, scary process to watch.

If this is the case with you or a loved one then make sure you get professional help and medical supervision before trying to stop. In my personal experience I have never seen a more deadly combination of drugs from which a person could detox, other than Valium and alcohol.

It can be a very scary road at first to give up both alcohol and an anxiety medication, but you have to realize that there are alternatives out there that have been developed in recent years and many of them work just as well as Valium. It is a process at first, but once you get detoxed and get put on the proper medications then your life can start to change and you will get better. Give recovery a chance in spite of your overwhelming fear. Continuing to use addictive medications to treat anxiety is a losing strategy, as your tolerance will eventually shift to where the drugs no longer work. Then you are combining dangerous amounts of pills and booze just to try and feel normal, and you will likely still have some anxiety at that point. Better to ditch the addictive medication altogether, quit drinking, and learn how to deal with your anxiety head on.

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